Essential Summer Service for Your Ford

Ford Summer Service | Dekalb, IL

Summer is here at last, and the open road is calling. Make sure that your Ford is up for the challenge and visit the Brad Manning Ford service center for these and other important summer service tasks.


Checking on your tires is always important, and especially when the temperature rises. Changes in temp change the amount of air in your tires, so check the pressure levels every so often to make sure they’re properly inflated. Improper inflation can increase your risk of being stranded on the road. And if you’re in need of balancing or rotation or notice signs that you may need new tires, Brad Manning Ford can take care of you.

Oil Change

You need clean oil to regulate engine temperature, so don’t delay if you’re coming due for an oil change. Going too long between services can severely impact engine performance and even increase the likelihood of breakdowns. While we’re taking care of your oil, we’ll make sure you have a clean filter and check other important fluids like coolant, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid.


Notice a strange squealing sound when you brake? A grinding sensation? You may be due for brake service or a replacement. Not having healthy brakes can put a huge damper on your summer fun, so make sure you bring your Ford in for service the moment you notice something off.

Before you head out for your next big summer road trip, bring your vehicle by Brad Manning Ford for service. We’re proud to serve DeKalb, Illinois, and proud to be family-owned and -operated for 100 years and counting.

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